Arthritis Treatments

Sore stiff joints from Arthritis may well benefit from a visit to the Physiotherapist. It is important to stay active and keep doing the things you enjoy.

Even when your joints are sore, if the muscles are not as strong as they could be your joints will be under stress. Having a good balance of muscles around the joint helps absorb stresses and guides the bones to move in the correct alignments.

Pain may be addressed by giving you advice on the correct use of heat, ice, massage as well as being able to offer acupuncture, gentle joint mobilisation and advice on how to perform daily activities safely.

After discussing your symptoms, functional level, and goals we can devise an exercise plan especially for you.

We can discuss how to manage your Arthritis and get the most out of life and your favourite activities.

We can also direct you towards ongoing maintenance and exercise programmes available in your community.

We work in with your doctor and any other health professionals and so your treatment becomes a team effort.

Give us a call to make an appointment.