Qualified physiotherapists offering quality physiotherapy services to Rotoruna and Chartwell residents

As qualified physiotherapists we work to maintain and promote people's health.
We help restore function, movement and independence.

  • We assess & diagnose patients' injuries or functional problems and decide on treatment
  • We can use a range of treatments to reduce pain and improve movement
  • We can plan exercises for patients to improve their strength and fitness
  • We help rehabilitate people who have suffered from injuries, health issues, strokes or accidents
  • We help educate people on how to prevent further injury
  • We also help educate caregivers and family about the patient's physiotherapy programme.
  • We have a broad knowledge of physiotherapy methods and equipment
  • We have a detailed knowledge of the biomedical sciences, including anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • We understand the realationships of movement, injuries and disabilities, and the aging process
  • We are skilled in performing mobilisation, exercise, movement retraining, manipulation and massage techniques
  • We aslo have general knowledge of any medical conditions that may affect the treatment given.